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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another mass update

The last time I wrote a proper update about my life was... well, a long time ago. So here is my list of grand accomplishments over the last few months:

  • Still dating the same guy
  • Still working at the same company
  • Still living in the same apartment
  • Still have the same roommate
  • Still haven't found a dance partner for ballroom

Ok, fine, something more interesting.

  • My work moved to a new office - it's really cool, come visit!
  • I surprised my parents by showing up aat home unexpectedly one weekend in May - I was in Prague on business :)
  • Over the summer, I went to Norway with my parents and Klara - was awesome
  • My sister and her friend Verca came to visit me in New York for 3 weeks in the summer, saw The Producers (a musical)
  • Went to Las Vegas with Vishy for Labor day - went to Grand Canyon, saw David Copperfield's show; won $2.17 in slot machines - if I don't count the $5 we lost...
  • Partied back in New York with lots of awesome people from work and MIT
  • -Took figure skating classes for most of the spring and summer - hopefully I'll get back to that very soon
  • Went to Prague for a weekend for my dad's birthday party
  • Amassed a reasonably sized liquor collection - still need a few items but progress is more than satisfactory
  • Reasonable progress on drinking said liquor collection, although there is room for improvement
  • Hosted a random party, Vishy's birthday party, a dinner party and Thanksgiving dinner at my place
  • Rented a car with Vishy and went to upstate New York to see fall foliage
  • Saw a Shakespeare play in Central Park
  • Saw a play about Indian mahematician Ramanujan
  • Saw an improv commedy show and a poetry slam - thanks, Chow!
  • Started reading books in Borders like Andreea (Though I'm still staying away from the romance novels section)
  • Started doing my own manicure on a mostly regular basis - bye bye, nail biting!
  • Started plucking my eyebrows (who knew it was so labour-intensive??), using face cream, wearing high heels and looking through fasion magazines
  • Not sure if the effect of the above are necessarily noticeable
  • Went to MIT Open ballroom competition in May and did pretty well in silver smooth - thanks, Muyi!
  • Almost killed my plants :( Poor things, no matter what I do they don't seem happy
  • Decided to go to Prague 3-4 times a year, for shorter periods
  • Realized that in the foreseeable future my biggest expense will always be flight tickets
  • And in general, I've been enjoying life - perhaps even more now that I've left college!
Well, that's about it for now. You can look forward to hearing from me again in... well, a year?


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