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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Name Change!

I just changed the name of this blog, from Karolina's Core Dumps, to Irregular Expressions.
I personally liked the old name. A core dump is what a computer program prints when it does something really stupid and has to exit. And, well, this place is usually where I post something if I think of something really stupid - like a corny joke, or a would-be deep thought.
I like that it has the word "dump" in it - a blog is really a place where you feel free to dump your thoughts, for all the world to see - if they choose to. Using the word "dump", rather than something like, say, "publish", also better expersses the general quality of the posts on most blogs, including mine: they're not polished, beautiful pieces of literature. They're just something someone came up with, thought it was absolutely brilliant, and wanted to share with the rest of the world - without necessarily feeling the need to, say, spellcheck.
However, from the moment I first selected the name, people seemed to pick up only the vague scatological reference. That was never the point... I mean, you could also say that a blog post is the waste product of someone's brain, and, as they say, "your own shit don't stink"... but that's a bit too out there for me. If this is what most people think of when they see my blog title - well, then it's time for a change.

One evening me and my boyfriend brainstormed possible new names for my blog. I wanted something geeky. We went through a lot of ideas - and finally hit upon "irregular expressions". I hope you like it.


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