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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Turning 25!

I turned 25 a few weeks ago. This happened on a ski trip; my friends were awesome and baked me brownies and got me a bouquet with fiber-optic lights that one of my friends lit up with the words "You light up our lives." This was after me and Vishy destroyed a knife while trying to use it as an axe - you see, the firewood was plentiful, but there was a dearth of little splinters....

I feel a little old - but hey, now I can rent a car with no surcharges!

Oh, and thanks for the card, Pavel :)


Early on at MIT I learned the phrase "IHTFP". It stands for two opposite concepts; in a way, it's almost like the duality of light. Light consists of particles, and at the same time is essentially a wave. In the same way, IHTFP at once expresses the love and disgust an MIT student feels towards the institute. The two meanings are:
"I hate this fucking place" vs. "I have truly found paradise"
Anyway, so a favourite passtime of MIT students is to find alternative expansions for IHTFP. Some of my favourites are: It's hard to fondle penguins, I have tutored freshman physics, and my all-time favourite: Intelligent harlots try fancy positions.

That being said, here are some of my, Vishy's and Andreea's attempts:

News headlines:
  • Indonesia has to fight pirates
  • Irreverent hooligans trash flaming Porsche
  • Indian hymns to foster peace
  • Israel hosts three famous Palestinians
  • Iraq hot topic for politicians
  • Irate husband to file papers
  • Indelible holographic tags found promising
  • Inboxes have to filter porn
  • Indian ham too freakin' pungent
  • Ingenious hummus trashes fatuous peas
  • Incompetent hang-gliders try failing parachutes
  • Imparting humility to flamboyant preteens
Personal confessions:
  • I hiss to frighten pussycats
  • I hate trying fancy pants
  • I hate tearing fancy pantyhose
  • I hired three famous prostitutes
  • I hate to fry pancakes
And, finally, encyclopaedic entries:
  • Internet hosts talk ftp protocols
  • Incas hounded the fallen prince // Citation needed
  • Ironically, hash tables fragment pages // Not actually true
  • Irate hormones trigger female periods // Well, sort of
  • Intimate hosiery targets finance professionals // No comment