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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Profile changed

Okay, so as step no. 1 towards updating my blog, I have updated my profile. I added a bit to the laundry list of my favourite music, and changed my locatin to New York.

The last time I wrote something here was when I graduated. Well, since then a lot has happened, presented here in an easy-to-digest, bulleted laundry list.

- The move to New York. This involved me, Andreea (my new rommate), and Sisi (who lived a few floors down from us) renting a Budget truck, loading it with all our stuff, and me driving the truck to New York. That was quite an experience - I actually managet to parallel park the thing several times, and make a u-turn in a two-lane road!

- The trip to Hawaii - this was a beautiful long weekend on Oahu, right in Waikiki. We rented a car for the last two days and drove around the island. The highlight was Waimeia Bay, a beautiful beach on the north shore, and another beach nearby where there were one-meter-long turtles swimming around and sunbathing!

- The trip to the west of the US and national parks - This was THE trip, a three-week long vacation with my mum, dad and Klara, my sister. The route: San Francisco -> Yosemite NP -> Death Valley -> Las Vegas -> Grand Canyon -> Bryce Canyon -> Yellowstone Park -> back to SF. That's only the highlights, there was a ton more that we saw. I might post a diary at some point, unfortunately it's in Czech so I'll see if I ever get around to translating it.

- The first day of work! This was actually fun - a tour of the facilities, a bunch of HR forms to fill out (actually not too many), a bit of indoctrination and legalese, and off we went to our desks. I've been learning about the programming environment and C++ all of my first week, and I think I need at least one more week to get reasonably comfortable.

We sublet the apartment for the summer, but next week I should be finally moving in.

I've also been thinking what I want to do with this blog. I realized I'm no great writer, and don't feel like spending time posting well-written, thought-out pieces (except occasionally, when inspiration strikes). What I would like to start doing, though, is posting photos with some comments. Doing that from my current homepage is a pain, because I first would have to download the images onto my MIT athena account; however, that's expiring pretty soon, so then I'd have to find a different solution. I probably don't want to run my own server or write my own html pages, so I'm going to look around for an photo posting service. Any recommendations?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Airborne Cats

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the looong delay in my postings. I hope to be back here more regularly henceforth. However, let me start my renewed activity on this blog with a link:

Airborne Cats

It's a link to a flickr slideshow. It's awesome. Thanks to Elizabeth Nugent for the link.